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Pay it Forward -- A Story of Faith & Charity

Just a quick update on the story of faith, hope, and action, Mrs. Karen Anderson is fulfilling her goal by providing 2052 new winter coats to the Ball High School students in Galveston, TX.   ABC news covered the event yesterday.  CBS was there today.  We'll have pictures on our website as soon as we get them.  In the meantime, you can watch the ABC news piece at  It is on Video Now.   More about this story follows.

A month ago, the Coats for Kids Foundation was contacted on October 28th by a wonderful person in Spring, TX.  She was interested in helping kids stay warm.   She told us about being in church (Grace Presbyterian) with her family  when her minister,  Rev. Doug Ferguson, offered to give ten members of the congregation $100 for a "Kingdom assignment that would invest in others in a way that honors God."  On her way home, Karen said she kept having a reoccuring thought, "coats for kids, coats for kids".   After doing a google search, Karen found the Coats for Kids Foundation, and we began responding to her questions and learning about what she wanted to do.   That was 42 days ago and as some people say, the rest is history.  Ms. Anderson decided that she wanted to raise enough dollars to provide a new winter coat to every one of the 1800 kids attending Galveston's Ball High School!    

In $20 bills, $100 checks and unbelievable generosity from more than 100 people, this wonderful Texas mom has met the challenge, and the last pallet of new winter coats is on a truck headed to Galveston!  That's more than $34,000 and 2,052 new coats!  As Karen says in every email and every phone call, "God is an Awesome God!".  Every student will go home before the Christmas holidays with a new winter coat!   The coats will be distributed beginning Monday and it will be quite a series of events.  And remember, this all began with a $100 bill from her minister.   We'll write more about this later.   Before Christmas,  Ms. Anderson will report to her minister and congregation on the wonderful work that she has done.  It has been a joy and a blessing for the Coats for Kids Foundation to be a part of this ministry!


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