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It's a First -- Rock Concert for Coats for Kids on SL!

Two weeks ago, we told you about the Coats for Kids Foundation becoming a part of Second Life, the on-line Internet world.  Today, we are able to confirm that Sunday at 2:30 EST, there will be a rock concert fundraiser on SL with Moxy Barracuda.  If you're not a member of Second Life, consider joining and contributing.   We'll post pictures, etc.


Second Life; A world of fantasy, a place where you can be anything you want to be, a place where dreams come true, a place of imagination where anything is possible, a place where real life people come together as avatars creating there own worlds and living there Second Life doing things they have only dreamed of doing in their real lives.
Two of the top business owners in Second Life, Sexxy Dejavu of Dejavu Designs and Midnyte Childs of Midnyte Whispers met on Second Life about two years ago and instantly sparked a friendship that continues to grow. Now the two of them work together as partners on the Island of Dejavu selling top quality shoes, boots, jewelry and clothing to other avatars in Second Life.
This year, Sexxy and Midnyte wanted to bring there virtual lives to the real world in a way that would help and benefit others in need. They found the Coats For Kids organization, an organization that provides winter coats to children from lower income families that can not otherwise afford one. The thought of a child going cold in the winter time and not having something as simple as a coat to keep them warm touched there hearts in a way that inspired them to give what they could to such an organization.
Midnyte set out to create the donation gift bear in a box while Sexxy began to make contacts all over Second Life to place these donation boxes around various businesses, stores and clubs to collect virtual money from other avatars. They set a goal to reach $500,000 Linden dollars, which converts to approximately $1700.00 USD in the real world, a goal in which they hope to reach and even succeed to give to this organization and help keep some kids warm this year. It has become there Christmas wish, it is there dream to reach this goal and bring some warmth into the hearts of many children this winter.
The president of Coats For Kids has created an avatar within Second Life, Paulbruce Destiny is his in game name. He is the founder and president of Coats For Kids and he has come into our virtual world to work closely with Sexxy and Midnyte during this fund raiser. Any questions in Second Life regarding the fund raiser and Coats for Kids needs to be directed to Sexxy Dejavu and/or Midnyte Childs.


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