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Dominick's Race Begins!

The aunt and grandmother of Dominick Leo Bastain have joined with the Coats for Kids Foundation to honor the spirit and determination of this very brave young boy who passed away on August 1, 2006 by collecting new coats and contributions for CFK, and the Hard Times Cafe is joining in. 

The 10 corporate-operated Hard Times Cafes arre participating by putting out collection boxes for new coats and gallon pails to collect change, bills, and checks.

In addition, the extended family of Dom are putting posters and gallon pales at schools, churches, and libraries throughout Fredricksburg and King George County. 

Directed contributions to Domick's Race can be made on the Coats for Kids website!

The new coat collection effort will continue through January 2007.


The following email message was sent today by Rebecca Dickerson to family and friends throughout the U.S. and abroad:
"As many of you know, I myself, more so my family faced the tragedy of a lost loved one this year, unfortunately many of you did as well and my heart is with you all. 
In a continued effort to honor my nephew Dominick Leo "Lil'Man" Bastain's spirit and determination I have managed to organized a New coat drive for children with the help of my mother-in-law more commonly known as Dominick's NaNa, my company Hard Times Cafe and the Coat for Kids Foundation.  I am excited to invite you to join Dominick's Race to Warm a Child's Heart.
Honestly my first intent consisted entirely of reminding my brother, Donald that Dominick had such a HUGE impact on so many people, that no matter how little time we had with him, the impact continues to make waves much like the ripple effect that happens when you drop a pebble in a lake, the more time that passes the more people that are affected, even though the pebble as long since left your sight. As time lingers on the waves only grow stronger and bigger.
Since then I have grown excited about the opportunity to honor my lil'man and also help other children that are in need.  With the help of that lil Angel up above we have been able to get this drive together and I have very high hopes for the amount of people that will be affected by Dom.
I am asking you all to participate, not only will you be honoring my nephew, but also the loved ones that you have lost, the children you see and don't see in need and couldn't do anything for, or didn't do anything for.  I understand that times are rough, not everyone can afford a new coat, but we give every child not only a brand new little coat, but cute little mittens and hats too, so we take donations for those.  You can drop off your donations at any of the 7 participating Hard times Cafe's contact me for locations.
For those of you abroad I can make arrangements for a monetary donation, from the change of a dollar and up.  Make checks payable to Coats for Kids Foundation and reply to me for my personal mailing address and I will make sure that the check is delivered safely.  You can also mail it directly to them or email them, you can find additional contact information on their website.  Please note on all donations that they are for Dominick's Race to warm a Child's Heart chapter of the Coats for Kids Foundation.
Please if you are not in a position to help either of those ways, you can create your own ripple effect by reposting this message or forwarding this email.  If you are on myspace click reply to Poster copy and paste this entire message and post in your own bulletin.  Thank you all for you love, support and consideration this Holiday Season.  I love you all.
Please take time to read the poster and visit the website, you can find video clips of Dominick on myspace. Below is a link to the poster or you can download the attachment."

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