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Coats for Kids has received many questions regarding how it operates. These questions are answered on this page.

Will Coats for Kids work outside the city of Alexandria?

Yes we will deliver coats throughout the U.S., generally using the Operation Warm banner.

However, if requested outside of the Washington D.C. metro region, the funding for the coat program must be underwritten locally.  The Washington D.C. region is supported,  in part, by the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area.

Will you deliver coats to children individually?
No.  Our charter is to deliver coats only through established organizations, i.e. schools, city departments of social services, churches/synagogues, and other nonprofit or service organizationswho provide services to at-risk and poor children.
Will you participate in large giveaway programs at the holidays?

No. We work closely with schools and other organizations to make certain that coats go to children who need one. We do this to positively impact each child's self-image.

While this is a charitable effort, our goal is to impact every facet of a child's life to give hope and confidence to them to fully participate in all school activities.  Mass give-aways are outside our scope and mission.

Do you require evidence that the child receiving the coat is poor?
No. By working with nurses, social workers, principals and others who work daily with at-risk kids, we areconfident that the children who they indicate need coats are, in fact,those whose families cannot afford to provide them one.
Do you offer all sizes?

Our sizes change based on available inventory.  The sizes currently range from children's 4T through adult-sized coats M and L for larger children.

Do you want to know who receives coats that you donate?
No. We accept that an organization will do what it says it does once they have been approved as a recipient organization.
Are you present when coats are delivered?
Yes, if the program administrator requests our attendance or if the social worker has a question about whethera particular coat will fit.  In that case, we will assist. 
Will you deliver coats to churches or synagogues?
Yes. We expect churches to provide us with information about the children and schools with whom they are working.
Is Coats for Kids a nonprofit coporation?
Yes.  Our approval letter from the IRS as a public charity is posted on our website. Effective in 2011, with the retirement of Paul & Cheryl Darby, Coats for Kids has become a service of Operation Warm. Operation Warm d/b/a Coats For Kids Foundation is also a nonprofit organization with a common vision.  Programs are being run by Operation Warm.
Will Coats for Kids be able to meet the needs, once it becomes well known?

We certainly intend to do so, but much  is dependent on public support.   Our 501(C)(3) status is crucial to our fundraising. Our challenge is to stretch dollars to meet this growing need. 

How many coats do you have on-hand?

We no longer inventory coats in Alexandria, VA.  All coats are warehoused and shipped for us by Operation Warm to requesting organizations.  Operation Warm has provided approximately 775,000 coats to children in need. Over the next year, we are working to serve our millionth child.



Are your coats good quality?
Yes. They are first quality.  No seconds.  We believe that children whodo not have a winter coat shouldn't be asked to wear anything that we wouldn'twantto wear. So our coats are first rate, made to exacting specifications for our partner organization, Operation Warm. 
Do you take used coats, hats, and gloves?
No. We suggest that individuals or groups collecting used coats contact the Salvation Army or GoodWil or your church clothing bank.
Do you pay salaries to anyone who works with Coats for Kids?
Coats For Kids operates without paid staff.  Beginning in 2011, the organization is being serviced by Operation Warm d/b/a Coats For Kids Foundation.  Operation Warm is a much larger organization with a nationwide presence.  It has a small paid staff.
Do board members receive any fee for serving?
No. Allboard members of Coats For Kids Foundation and Operation Warm are serving in their capacity of board members on a voluntarybasis.

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