Our Vision

We Believe:

  • Every child in America deserves to have a new winter coat, not a used one.
  • The need for winter clothing is so great that new winter coats must be distributed throughout the fall and winter, not just between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Giving a child a new winter coat, not one that is “gently used”, has a dramatic and measurable impact on a child’s self-esteem, on their participation in school and school activities, and in their ability to learn.
  • Building understanding, support, and strong partnerships with schools, governmental and non-profit entities, including churches, who provide services to disadvantaged children are critical to achieving even limited success.
  • Financial support is dependent on documented results and financial accountability.
  • Each delivery of new coats must be done with respect for the children receiving them.
  • Progress toward this vision is measured one coat at a time, one day at a time.